Ristorante Italia, on Isola Pescatori.

The true taste of Lake Maggiore.

From the plate,
to the Lake.

We strongly believe in the link with the territory. A bond made of contact with nature: the knowledge of the rhythms, of the seasons of nature and their respect, allow us to fully experience the lake, and to enjoy it.
From the lake we get the main products of our cuisine, made almost entirely of freshwater fish. The fish is caught by us every morning, rain or shine, cold or heat. The catch is processed and cooked by us. The path of the dishes you eat at the Italia restaurant is short, from the lake to the plate, through our hands.

Monday - Wednesday: 11:00am - 11:00pm

Bar service from 10:30am

Thursday - Friday: 17:30 – 24:00

Bar service from 10:30am

Saturday - Sunday: 10:30am - 12pm



The fundamental value of our cuisine is quality. In addition to the fish caught by us, all the other ingredients in our recipes also meet the quality requirement that we have imposed on ourselves. Fresh homemade pasta, raw materials and products from local or neighboring realities that, like us, have at heart the enhancement of the territory and its gastronomic and cultural traditions.


The Ruffoni family binds its name to the fishing activity, an experience that allowed the opening in 2014 of our fishmonger and the fishermen's cooperative Fratelli Ruffoni Professionisti, which includes Stefano, the owner, one of the few remaining fishermen. on the shores of Lake Maggiore.
Fishing allows us to create a direct link with the restaurant, thus offering our customers the opportunity to taste the lake specialties at km0, directly from the lake to the plate.
It is an honor and a privilege to let you taste our tradition, a combination of skilled hands and passion that give life to our dishes prepared ad hoc, using raw materials of absolute freshness and quality.
Ristorante Italia is located in a setting of extreme landscape and architectural beauty thanks to the wonderful gifts that nature has given us. In the heart of Lake Maggiore, on the extreme tip of Isola Pescatori towards Baveno, the restaurant is presented in the guise of a renovated historic white villa surrounded by a suggestive wisteria that gives further charm to your taste experiences.

Grazie alla sostenibilità dei nostri prodotti, da oggi siamo qualificati con il marchio.

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Via Ugo Ara, 58, 28838 Isola Pescatori, Stresa VB
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Via Ugo Ara, 5828838 Isola Superiore - Stresa

Ristorante Italia
Gillo s.a.s. di Ruffoni Stefano & C.

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